World Evangelism, healing & deliverance – miracles do happen!

Vincent Bauhaus Ministries APP

Vincent Bauhaus an international evangelist, teacher, author and TV host is anointed to preach and minister as a servant of Jesus Christ, the Lord working with him confirming it with miracles, healing and deliverance following!

HEALING & DELIVERANCE: Pastor Vincent has a fruit bearing worldwide deliverance ministry reaching out to the broken-hearted and oppressed through personal one-to-one deliverance ministry and inner healing sessions. If you suffered trauma, molestation or any other abuse, rejection, D.I.D. / MPD, witchcraft, obanji, self-harm, or have dabbled in the occult, etc you can be Healed, Set Free and Restored. Check the 1-1 deliverance page.

Open-air outreach crusades have been conducted in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Middle East, India & Asia.