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Vincent ten Bouwhuis Ministries

Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry                                                                                         


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Pastor Vincent, who has been trained and ordained in the United States by Dr. Bob Larson, has since done thousands of hours of personal ministry, inner healing and exorcisms with a multitude of people all over the world with a large variety of pain, trauma, SRA, DID / MPD and demonic problems. Through this the Lord Jesus Christ has given him in his gift and calling much revelation, experience and insight in these areas; demonisation, spiritual warfare, healing the soul, restoration, multiple personality disorder MPD (DID Disassociate Identity Disorder) and how to get to the root of the issues through the power of the Holy Spirit. Besides his Gospel Crusades and speaking in churches and conferences as well as organising conferences, in between Pastor Vincent provides individual personal ministry. Furthermore to pass his knowledge on, he trains ministers nationally and internationally on request, that are called into this ministry.

  • ONE Day Intensives -  Individual Personal Inner Healing, Deliverance and Exorcism ministry with Pastor Vincent
    For more info and booking this contact us. An intensive individual ministry appointment is preceded by a telephone appointment to prepare for the victory in Christ. All the Glory to the Lord Jesus, reverend Vincent has a proven track record in Inner Healing, DID (MPD), Deliverance and Exorcism ministry.


  • This is the fast track to the deliverance and freedom you deserve in Jesus Christ.


  • Discover what is holding you back from the life you've always wanted. Every area of your life will be prayerfully evaluated and discussed, curses and generational curses will be broken and deep spiritual insights will be revealed through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.


  • Take advantage of Pastor Vincent's gifting, anointing, expertise and fast experience in inner healing and deliverance and of getting to the root of people's issues. A minimum donation will be requested to contribute to our evangelism outreaches in the 3rd world nations and continue and expand the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • To arrange a life-changing ministry encounter with Pastor Vincent come to our Spiritual Freedom Inner Healing & Deliverance Centre in Nottingham United Kingdom, if however you are not able to travel we can arrange to come to you! Furthermore he travels the world extensively, so for those living outside the UK it is in cases possible for him to come to you. Just contact us, scroll down for details.

A broken heart or a wounded soul?

12 very important questions you should ask yourself:


When any of these questions are answered with YES, and you have been searching and want to be totally free and healed, restored to the person God always meant you to be? Then contact us.

Summary on Inner Healing & Deliverance:

The Lord Jesus said in John 10:10 'The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly'. Now that we have repented, turned away from sin and have surrendered our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ to live holy and righteous according to His word, God promises you to have life eternal, but also promises an abundant life here and now, throughout the Holy Bible we read how God wants you to live a full life, He wants to bless you. The original word 'saved' in the Greek means also 'made whole'. Nothing broken and nothing missing.

So God's plan for your life is for you to receive the promises of the Kingdom of God, however sometimes there are problems that stay, no matter how much we pray, and many a times they have a deeper rooted issue and often relate to scars, not physical scars, but soul scars, sometimes bad things have happened in the past, which have caused these scars, now when your problem(s) do/does not go away 'Inner Healing Ministry' can help. If you have been struggling with a problem, don't delay your freedom, please call us for more information, we have people coming from all over the country and from abroad and the Lord is always working mighty miracles and He wants you to be totally free also.  

Pastor Vincent features in Rev Bob Larson's reality documentary The Real Exorcist in the United Kingdom episode, this documentary is gradually being aired on TV throughout the world, after it was first launched on TV in England in March earlier this year.

For more info on our Spiritual Freedom Church Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry Centre, Restoration Retreat, directions, address, nearest airport, map and list of nearby hotels: see 'the spiritual freedom church' page and we also recommend you to the 'read testimonies' page. We do also organise Spiritual Freedom - Inner Healing & Deliverance conferences so please keep a check on our 'calendar - events tab' for the dates and venues.

To make an appointment or for more information, click here: CONTACT US.



Click here to download the extensive curse breaking prayers (in English language ), make sure to pray these together with a mature Christian friend, brother or sister and share them afterwards with other brothers and sisters and your church. (For the Spanish language version click here, for the Dutch language version - Vloekverbrekings gebed - klik hier)


LEARN: Get a real understanding with this 4 hours of TEACHING including curse breaking prayers

I urge you to get an understanding and get these important teachings on spiritual warfare

'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee...' (Hos 4:6)


Now available the 4-cd set of Holy Spirit anointed sermons and teachings

by Pastor Vincent,  click here for info & to order.

Part 1: The Authority we have in Christ - power over the Devil, Authority versus Power & how the Devil operates!

Part 2: LEGAL RIGHTS How the Devil gets in to someone's life!

Part 3: STRONGHOLDS How the Devil stays in someone's life! & How to pull the them down, plus curse breaking prayers

Part 4: Evangelism with Power God's heart cry is SOULS Don't let the blood of perishing souls be on your hands!

(For a donation of only £ 20.- ($40) for all 4 cd's, it will bless you so much)




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