Healing & Deliverance conferences & one-one-one deliverance sessions

Healing & Deliverance Conferences with Dr. Vincent Bauhaus

+ Face to face meetings 1-on-1 healing & deliverance ministry sessions

To book 1-1's which are by prior appointment only contact us via email accounts@bornagainministry.org or telephone US 888-202-9516 or Int. +44 208 705 0541.

personal 1-1 ministry meetings by appointment only on day-time (no conference)

PARIS, France
January 26th
Saturday Conference & 1-1

Los Angeles
t.b.a. (March)
personal 1-1 ministry meetings by appointment only

ATLANTA, Georgia
February 16th Saturday personal 1 & 1 appointments

NEW YORK, Queens
February 18th Monday
personal 1-1 ministry meetings by appointment only on day-time (no conference)

MIAMI and Jacksonville Florida March dates coming soon 

LONDON, UK, Deliverance & Healing and Anointing service!
February 23rd Saturday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
AT: Holiday Inn Hotel Bloomsbury, Coram Street, Central London WC1N 1HT
next to Russell Square Tube station on the Piccadilly Line. Kings Cross St Pancras station and Euston station are both less than a mile away, reachable in five minutes by bus or taxi.
NOTE: International Evangelist, deliverance minister and exorcist Revd. Dr. Vincent Bauhaus will minister deliverance and miracles and will also pray for anointing oil so make sure to bring your own oil. The event is free, you can but don't have to reserve a seat by emailing info@bornagainministry.org.

Pastor Vincent also teaches in-depth deliverance every weekend with prayer live online and a daily Word through Daily Manna all with the free App and FB and YouTube. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

Thousands of testimonies of healing, deliverance, miracles and millions of salvations worldwide:

healing & deliverance conferences New Yorkhealing & deliverance conferences New Yorkhealing & deliverance conferences New Yorkhealing & deliverance conferences New York




The anointing breaks the yoke of sickness, oppression and bondage.

Dr. Vincent Bauhaus is a powerfully anointed man of God, the Lord confirms his ministry with miracles, salvation, healing and deliverance. This prophet of the Lord Vincent Bauhaus ministers with great authority and is gifted to preach the Word of God with revelation and prophecy.
The healing and deliverance conferences are monthly in New York and throughout the United states of America. Come and witness the miracle power of God.
Do something important for the Lord and bring at least one unsaved loved one, a friend, family member or colleague, so that they can hear the Gospel preached with power and anointing through Evangelist Vincent, who sees thousands saved at his outdoor Gospel outreach campaigns in Africa and Asia.
You will be blessed this is the healing and deliverance conference to come to. Check out our dedicated testimonies page as well.

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