Exorcism - Personal 1-to-1 exorcism ministry & inner healing sessions throughout the USA & London

Pastor Vincent has conducted over 5,000 documented exorcisms, including to many ministers, Medical Doctors and prominent individuals and is considered internationally a foremost exorcism expert.

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Evangelist Vincent an ordained minister has conducted gospel crusades and conferences all over the world. Currently based in United States, he travels between Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Miami and London. (more cities are coming) In addition, for over a decade, he has done many thousands of hours of confidential personal exorcisms one-on-one with a great multitude of people all over the world. All with a large variety of demonic problems. His exorcism ministry has helped people suffering from the effects of juju, witchcraft, obanji/water spirits, spiritual husbands or spiritual wives, freemasonry, the occult, rejection, depression, physical illnesses, molestation, verbal and emotional abuse, pain/trauma, DID/MPD, schizophrenia, voices (Dissociate Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder/BPD/OCD) and many more. Pastor Vincent is furthermore endorsed by many medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

deliverance ministry exorcismPastor Vincent is based in Tampa Florida and travels throughout the USA and is  fortnightly in London for more cities in the agenda see: 'Events Calendar'

He is described as the world's foremost exorcist expert, he has spent many years in East and West Africa. There he gained knowledge and experience in conducting exorcisms with people from deep witchcraft oppression and water spirits aka obanji. The Lord has powerfully anointed Evangelist Vincent and uses him as the principal and internationally acclaimed expert on exorcism deliverance ministry, inner healing, various identity disorder restoration like DID, MPD, BPD, OCD and spiritual warfare.

People from all over the world visit Vincent or schedule a skype session.

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    These happy faces are just a few of the thousands and thousands of people that have been restored, healed, and delivered. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! You may read many of their personal stories and TESTIMONIES of exorcisms, just Click FOR MORE TESTIMONIES CLICK HERE!

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    Request a fully confidential and non-recorded Personal 1 to 1 exorcism Ministry one-to-one Session in person or schedule a 60 minutes call or skype session. On very short notice from anywhere in the world. It works powerfully via call and Skype with Pastor Vincent, because of the tremendous anointing the Lord placed on him:

    For USA call 888-202-9516 for UK and overseas call +44 7593 298098 to schedule a personal meeting. Alternatively schedule a Skype session of 60 minutes on short notice RIGHT NOW by clicking here (an appointment system via Clarity) or just email: [email protected]
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    deliverance ministry exorcismEvangelist Vincent's deliverance ministry has helped including the many crusades, conferences, services and one to one sessions in person millions of people!

    Vincent has been covered by many secular press and TV media in the United Kingdom, USA, Asia, Africa and many other nations explaining in clarity what exorcism is.

    During an exorcism, Pastor Vincent is lead powerfully by the Holy Ghost in prophetic insights and words of knowledge, his well purged gift of discernment in combination with a tremendous anointing and authority in the spiritual realm do make him unique in deliverance ministry. It is this and a decade of experience that makes Pastor Vincent's deliverance exorcism ministry so very successful to the Glory of the Father in Jesus Christ name.

    (without success and why they do get healed, restored and set free by Pastor Vincent's biblical ministering in Jesus name?)

    deliverance ministry exorcismIndeed many have been to another deliverance ministry exorcism ministry or several deliverance ministries without success lacking complete restoration and breakthrough. Then when they do find Pastor Vincent and consult him for exorcism deliverance ministry they do get totally set free, healed and restored.

    Besides all of the reasons in the paragraph above about why Reverend Vincent's exorcisms - deliverance ministry is so profound in being successful and acclaimed. Pastor Vincent has from the very beginning of his ministry obeyed the Lord in longingly studying in great depth the scriptures as well as studying and ministering MPD, D.I.D. and other identity disorders. Vincent meticulously studied the occult and Theology, Psychology, Psychiatry, psychological disorders and illnesses as well as psychiatric disorders, pshychoses and psychiatric illnesses. Vincent has ministered to many people under psychiatric care alongside and with full approval of their psychiatrists.

    deliverance ministry exorcism

    Pastor Vincent studied the impact of soul wounds, broken-hearts in a spiritual sense and how that gives evil sprits (demons) a legal right and a stronghold. He studied in depth by ministering thousands of hours to alters, alter personalities, alter egos within a person meanwhile the Father purging the gift to discern between alter (alter ego, alter personality) and demon (evil spirit) which is imperative to complete success in deliverance ministry and ministering full restoration.
    That is a lot indeed but this is over a decade of hard work and devotion to the work of the ministry for Jesus Christ the Lord. This and an impeccable proven track record also gives Vincent the authority to speak, teach and author books on this subject deliverance ministry, including full restoration ministry.

    It works powerfully via call and Skype with Pastor Vincent, because of the tremendous anointing the Lord placed on him. The Lord told  Revd Vincent that he is empowered to minister from anywhere in the world to another person anywhere else in the world via call or skype, because of the busy international travel schedule Pastor Vincent has due to his international ministry work.

    FINANCES: A fixed donation for an exorcism session is required and is Biblical. This is used to cover the many overhead expenses of the ministry including maintaining this huge website, outreach, crusades, staff, etc. And this goes towards our outreach missions, the ministry is a USA registered non-profit organisation with tax-exempt status in process and has the status of registered charity from the UK Charity Commission.
    Revd Vincent is also very busy internationally and has limited time available, but for those willing to invest in their restoration through our Evangelistic Ministry he will make time available, because this helps fulfilling the Great Commission, the preaching of the Gospel worldwide winning the lost.

    deliverance ministry exorcismCONTACT
    For a in person meeting or to schedule a call or skype email: [email protected] include your phone number and a short description of your situation or problem. (Please be assured all e-mails and ministry sessions are dealt with confidentially) and call to make an appointment to see Revd Vincent in person or by Skype from the USA call 888 202 9516 otherwise call +44 (0)7593 298 098



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    How to prepare for your exorcism?

    Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an email including video-link how to prepare for your appointment.

    deliverance ministry exorcismHow do you successfully maintain your restoration after exorcism?

    After Care

    This is a question that is asked very frequently. At your exorcism session, you will be given a complete explanation. Based on your specific case, for maintaining your obtained freedom in Christ and how to successfully move on with your life in Christ.

    Pastor Vincent has amazing powerful anointed teaching series to edify and equip you after your session to obtain all of God's blessings, accomplishing the exceedingly abundant above all!
    If a follow up deliverance ministry session is required, in most case this is not, then this can be arranged in person or via Skype.

    Additionally, a 2-DVD set of teaching to people that have had exorcism ministry is available from our online store. It includes Holy Spirit prompted lessons and instructions specifically for people that have received an exorcism and inner healing or dissociate identity restoration. Thus leaving no stone unturned for you to live the promised scriptural life successfully, in health and prosperity. Recorded at several outdoor locations, this DVD will be a blessing to watch time and time again. Included is also a bonus DVD on how to exercise your authority in Christ.

    Deliverance ministryAnd then there is the IOSOD the international online school of deliverance ministry. Which includes the very important inner healing, trauma counselling, MPD and D.I.D. restoration ministry. You can enrol in to become fully equipped in deliverance ministry, spiritual warfare and restoration inner healing, you can read all about this on the dedicated page.
    There is also a follow on Online Bible School with ordination for those that are called into ministry.

    For ordering information or to see all of our available resources, please visit the dedicated pages.

    Why exorcism Spiritual Warfare Ministry?

    deliverance ministry exorcism

    The Lord Jesus said in John 10:10 'The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly".

    Now that we have repented, turned away from sin and have surrendered our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ to live holy and righteous according to His word, God promises you to have life eternal.  But He also promises an abundant life here and now, throughout the Holy Bible we read how God wants you to live a full life. He wants to bless you. The original word 'saved' in the Greek means also 'made whole'. Nothing broken and nothing missing.

    So God's plan for your life is for you to receive the promises of the Kingdom of God, however sometimes there are problems that stay, no matter how much we pray. Many a times they have a deeper rooted issue and often relate to scars, not physical scars, but soul scars, soul wounds, sometimes bad things have happened in the past. Here is where deliverance ministry exorcism comes in.

    Why can a Christian of all people have an evil spirit?
    The answer is in the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-17) It very simply means that the believers preach the Gospel to the unbelievers and after they have received it and repented the believers must heal them and cast out devils, Jesus Christ the Lord further clarifies this order in Luke 4:18 where you clearly see the 3 step order, 1st the preaching of the gospel, then the healing of the broken-hearted and then the deliverance. It is A not possible to cast out an evil spirit out of an unbeliever, because the Devil has a right to that person and B it is a blessed promise from the Lord that His children can and shall be delivered from evil spirits.

    deliverance ministry exorcismYou are not alone, you are not the only one, many people have had problems, don't delay your freedom:

    The Lord Jesus Christ said in Luke 17:2 that 'He could not help that offences would come', bad things happen to good people, which have caused these scars, and often gave the evil spirit access to someone's life. It is an unfortunate consequence of the fallen world, now when your problem(s) do/does or has not gone away Deliverance ministry and Inner Healing Ministry is the answer.

    Jesus commands in His word in Luke 4:18 "Preach the Gospel, heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free", so that the Gospel must be preached, but also the broken-hearted must be healed and the captives must be set free!
    Furthermore Jesus spoke extensively on the casting out of devils (evil spirits, demons) and again commands in Mark 16:17 that this is one of the signs that should follow believers '...in my name shall they cast out devils....'
    You see casting out devils, is part of the great commission as recorded in Mark, deliverance ministry exorcism is mentioned right there in the Great Commission. On careful study of the Bible and even very early church history, the myth that exorcism was only performed by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles is easily debunked. From reading the Gospels and the book of Acts it is evident that many early believers and disciples casted out devils by conducting exorcisms.
    Deliverance ministry exorcism we see is not an option but a direct command, mandate and commission from the Lord Jesus Christ to all believers.

    deliverance ministry exorcismIf you have been struggling with a problem, don't delay your freedom the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross and promised you and start living the Kingdom of God life.  Schedule personal exorcism ministry now, we have people coming from all over the country and from abroad and the Lord is always working mighty miracles. And yes He wants you to be totally free also. Hallelujah.